søndag, oktober 03, 2010

Sewing Project

After coming home from the Nec in Birmingham I couldn’t sew or quilt at all. I suffered from sewing dryness. Many quilters suffers periodically from the decease. My period have last for months until my friend Sigrun rang me and asked me if I had made something out of the Jelly Rolls we both bought. I hadn’t so I said so. She told me she had made one table runner and four placemats from her rolls.
Well, my bad conscience got even worse so I went to my room and tried to find out what to do with them. The colours were just so Panel (2)wonderful and suddenly my inspiration was back. Look here what came out of the two rolls I bought: I also added four strips from my own batik stash and then I made this. Later it became one table runner, four placemats, one small, one medium cosmetic purse and one toilette bag. It is all here on the photos below. The colours are not right in all the photos but I think you will get a good impression of how they are. 
Cosmetic purses from my Jelly RollsPlacemats and tablerunner
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Bjørg sa...

Du har laget mye fint! Jeg er veldig glad i rødt. Den røde jellyrollen kunne fort blitt min i butikken!
Du er produktiv, som du sa, i rykk og napp!

Barbara sa...

I know this sewing dryness too and after some months with this "illness" I have just started again with new projects. Your purses are very nice. Did you do it with a pattern? I've started to sew little purses too, but I am still trying to improve the way I sew the zippers in. Perhaps I should look for a good pattern ;-) ! It's a pity that I wasn't in Birmingham, the "heaven" for quilters. I am sure you had a great time there.
Hilsen fra

PJs Lapperier. sa...

Det blev en fin utväxling på det telefonsamtalet!

PJs Lapperier. sa...

Vad mycket fint du sytt!