tirsdag, juni 08, 2010

Kragerø weekend

I was in Kragerø at Anne-Berit’s Broderibua last weekend attending a class for Nær vannetsewing Kaleidoscope quilts. She has a lovely place close to the waterfront. There are many houses on her property but we stayed in a little cabin on the camping site close to her place. Hanne Scneider was the teacher and she made a good job. We started to cut strips in the widths that would Kragerøweekend 119fit the size of the blocks we had decided to sew.  The picture shows Hanne’s ready made quilt and we show our blocks. It was a very easy technique she taught us. No one finished a quilt but everyone did nice progress for making one. All the classes participated in the evening in a big tent Anne-Berit’s husband had set up for us. We were served very good food and we had a Kragerøweekend 118very nice time with lots of wine. There were other classes as well. There were a class for learning how to dye fabrics, one for making a very special small bag and one for plaiting ribbons.

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