søndag, februar 20, 2011


Good morning everybody!

A lovely day in my hometown. When we woke up this morning it was – 18 C here so I took a photo with my mobile of the very nice view I have from my windows at 9 am.IMAG0029

Since I broke my ankle I have spent much time on the sofa after I came back from the hospital. The first two, three weeks I only more or less dozed on the sofa with my foot erected as you can see from this photo. The pain was absolutely terrible and I was very helpless. The strong painkillers were my friend then. Fortunately I have a husband who really was fantastic. I have never experienced him like that. He did everything. IMAG0010When I got better I decided to finish a quilt top I made at least 5 years ago. It was basted and I had actually done some hand quilting on it but it was placed beside my side of the sofa in our TV room but I very seldom was inspired to quilt on it. Now I was determined in finishing it while I was sitting still. Last night I sewed the last stitches. The only thing left now is the binding. I will start now. I have found the fabrics I want to use and my husband have to help me to arranging everything so I can finish it. Here it is:


I can see the colours don’t show right on the photo. They are blue, lime and yellow.