søndag, februar 20, 2011


Good morning everybody!

A lovely day in my hometown. When we woke up this morning it was – 18 C here so I took a photo with my mobile of the very nice view I have from my windows at 9 am.IMAG0029

Since I broke my ankle I have spent much time on the sofa after I came back from the hospital. The first two, three weeks I only more or less dozed on the sofa with my foot erected as you can see from this photo. The pain was absolutely terrible and I was very helpless. The strong painkillers were my friend then. Fortunately I have a husband who really was fantastic. I have never experienced him like that. He did everything. IMAG0010When I got better I decided to finish a quilt top I made at least 5 years ago. It was basted and I had actually done some hand quilting on it but it was placed beside my side of the sofa in our TV room but I very seldom was inspired to quilt on it. Now I was determined in finishing it while I was sitting still. Last night I sewed the last stitches. The only thing left now is the binding. I will start now. I have found the fabrics I want to use and my husband have to help me to arranging everything so I can finish it. Here it is:


I can see the colours don’t show right on the photo. They are blue, lime and yellow.

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Anita Bruno sa...

Flot udsigt og lækkert tæppe, her i Vanløse var der "kun" - 5 i morges, flot sol, men ikke så flot en udsigt, som du har !!! God bedring med anklen, jeg ved, det bliver bedre !!! Knus

Groesmeyer sa...

Dejligt brugbart tæppe med megen quiltning ser ud som om du har quiltet i alle de blå kvadrater.
Anklen bliver god igen. God bedring

Sigrun sa...

Nydelig teppe Elisabeth! Og fortsatt god bedring.

PJs Lapperier. sa...

Det ser ut att bli flott!

Lappedamen sa...

Ønsker deg god bedring, Elisabeth. Teppet er kjempeflott. Du har hatt litt av en jobb med å sette sammen alle kvadratene, og for ikke å snakke om quilting av et stort teppe. Selv om ikke fargene kommer riktig ut på bildet, kan jeg forestille meg de lekre fargene sammen.

Barbara sa...

I like your blue quilt (...and I am glad to read, that other quilter also have projects that have a several years break until they get finished :-) !!)
Hope you're feeling better by now and you can walk again.
Greetings from Switzerland