lørdag, juli 31, 2010

Hemsedal vacation

Røggjin 001 We have spent the last week in our cottage in Hemsedal. The weather has been very varied so our activities have also been varied.
We have cycled, my DH has been cutting trees, I have cleaned all the windows in the cottage and done some cleaning of the floors. We have sunbathed on the terrace. We have been visited by friends with a motor caravan who stayed over night. My DH has also fished, but he didn’t catch any trout which was what we hoped for.
Røggjin 004 Today we started early and went for a walk in the mountains. There was a peak we wanted to explore, Røggjin which is 1370 meter above the sea. The path was steep and stony and many places very wet after the heavy rain we have had for many days now.
We have had a mixed bag of weather this week but the best part was the cycling tour and the walk up to Røggjin today. My knees managed well.