søndag, oktober 04, 2009

A sewing weekend in Hemsedal

This weekend I have been in Hemsedal with two of my quilt friends. Long time ago we agreed so make a bag. Actually, I don't know how many bags we have now but they aren't few. This was a bag I made from a pattern of the designer Helene Juel in Denmark. I made the first one some years ago but it is great for carrying a PC or other bigger things. I have used mine very much and I made it from scraps and old jeans. I made the second one from linen and scraps. We do have too much scraps so it is not diffucult to find something useful there.

On Friday the weather was so nice so we grilled sausages outside on the terrace. Saturday morning we woke up to a little snow. It snowed all the day and all together it came about 20 cm. All our neighbours had summer tyres on their cars so there was very little activity on our short country road but we had all we needed and just enjoyed ourselves with our activities. We sewed all day and ate a late dinner and watched TV afterwards.

When we woke up this morning it was very much snow outside. Look at the pictures I have taken. It is beautiful, isn't it?

Later we took our bags outside on our terrace table for the photo session.

Both my friends had changed to winter tyres before they arrived because the weather forecast had said it would snow on Saturday. They were right for once. I have only summer tyres on my car because I have been here one week already. I have choosed to stay here until tomorrow morning. Then the weather people say it will be sunny. I really hopethey are right. We have some very diffucult curves on the road down to the village that always cause lots of trouble for drivers through the winter. I think they are even worser when you drive down to the village. Upwards is much better.