lørdag, juni 29, 2013

Tour de Fibre 2013

The Tour started today. I also started today. First I finished a  project that will be a birthday present for one of my friends. It was made after a pattern called “Just Hand Luggage”. I had more of a fabric which I used for a present for the same friend for her last birthday. Since she was so happy for her present then, I used the same fabrics for her next. So when she are travelling the next time she will har both a place for her passport and tickets and for small items that needs to be shown in the security check. I had very little left on that purse so it was more like a warm up before the Tour. This pattern was found in the Norwegian quilt magazine MyQuilt nr.2 2010.

  Bakside på Kun Håndbagasje

Forside på Kun Håndbagasje

Next I started to make another cover for passports and papers. I finished just at the same time the cyclists broke the goal line. I only had some hand sewing left. I choosed to sew the inside of the binding by hand in front of the TV. As the evening went on we lost the electricity three times and each time it was gone for quite a long time. The first time for more than an hour. When the weather is so unstable as it was such thing can happen and we are used to it. However, I did the last stiches before going to bed but then it was too dark to take a photo of it and far too wet. It was soaked everywhere.

This is a pattern from MyQuilt nr. 4 2011, “Passports and Tickets”. I have decided to make many more of them because my friends love this items.


This is the front side. Forside på Pass og billetter 1


The back sideBaksiden av Pass og Billetter


The inside. Innsiden av mappen

Today I have to go back home to collect more old sheet for the inside as backing for the quilting. I also have to collect my quilting gloves and more thread in different colours.