tirsdag, oktober 05, 2010

Quilting weekend

Last weekend was our sewing days. We are the members of the Quilt Group Intercourse. We met 10 years ago on a quilting trip to Houston and the famous exhibition there. We had a great time together and decided to met after we came back home. So we did and now we have met for 10 years. Some has backed out and one passed away last autumn. We are still 6 but only 4 of usIMG_0532[1] are active. This year we met in the mountain of Vasstulan 1137 above the sea level. It was raining, slushing and blowing all the weekend, absolutely the perfect weather for indoors activities, like sewing.

This time we had decided to make a toilette bag after a pattern fr021om Bente Malm. She is a very talented designer who I like very much. Her patterns are nice and she has designed many bags among other things. Unfortunately there isn’t a picture of the toilette bag we made.  This shows a photo of one I made in January. You can hang it on the wall so it is very practical. I made another one this time but I haven’t sewn on the button yet. All of us made the same bag but all were different.

 Torill og Marianne

Gunvor syr

2 kommentarer:

Lappedamen sa...

Så koselig dette hørtes ut. Tenk en hel weekend med bare søm, høres ut som en drøm.

Bjørg sa...

Ja det hørtes fantastisk ut! Drømmer ofte om sånne hytteturer!