søndag, oktober 24, 2010

My last works

I am sewing a little each day. Till now I have finished two cosmetic purses Sart kosmetikkpung 2from the Norwegian designer AnnaKa in different sizes. Here is also a photo from the inside with all its pockets Sart, rosa og innvendigMaskulin kosmetikkpung

and The newest little bag from the new Norwegian quilt magazine My Quilt “ “Only Handluggage”. Kun Håndbagasje 1They have so many nice patterns in that magazine. The second magazine came out 2 weeks ago and I appreciate it very much. I really like their patterns. Kun håndbagasje 2
Fra innsiden
Here is also a photo from the inside of the bag.

2 kommentarer:

PJs Lapperier. sa...

AnnAKas mönster är alltid lika bra. Du har sytt fina grejor.

Hilde sa...

Fine ting du har sydd. Liker stoff valgene dine.