mandag, september 14, 2009

Weekend in Grimstad

This weekend I have been to Grimstad to participate in a lection with Lone Schaadt from Denmark. She has tought Curved forms. She was a very good teatcher and we all learned much. Those who arranged the weekend were "Meretes lille atelier" and "Quilt'n" in Arendal. Good work from those who arranged it.

I have never visited Meretes Lille Atelier before so on Saturday morning I went there. She didn't only had fabrics but many other things as well. Take a look at the photos I shot.
There were four different classes and you can see some of the teachers here. We stayed at Rica Grimstad Hotel. I am not sure of how many participants there were but there were many, all enjoying themselves. Outside the sun was shining all weekend so I found it hard to sit inside all day but the class was so enjoyable and the teacher so clever so I forgot all of the weather and concentrated on what we learned instead. We learned Curved forms and it was not very difficult. Lone's technique was great and easy. I think I will do more of it later on. What I did was this: Not very much, wasn't it? However, I had to leave the class at this time to reach a birthdayparty for my granddaughter in Oslo.

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PJs Lapperier. sa...

Ohhh.. jag bara älskar denna Puffin. Den heter Tammi Nori på Shetlandsöarna. Jag var där sommaren 2008.