torsdag, september 24, 2009

AnnAKa's Advent's calender

Last summer I got a little chock. My daughter-in-law saw the pattern of this advent calender lying beside my sewing machine in the sewing room before it was so untidy that you couldn't get in there. Now she asked me if I could make two for her children. I said no, but I would make one for the children because I think one is enough. It isn't so cheap to make and there are lots of work on it. At this moment they do not need two of the same kind but maybe later on I will decide of making another one.

I started the work when it was raining most in the summer, but she never saw it. It was not difficult to make and soon it was finished. Now I have given it to my son for giving it to his wife. I haven't heard any comments yet, so she might have forgotten. They are all so busy these days.

4 kommentarer:

Anne-Grethe sa...

Kjempefin utgave med en "blånisse" innimellom. Har selv samlet stoffer og mønster, så nå er det bare å få tid til å sy den. Vet at det er svært mye arbeid, men den skal bli ferdig i høst engang!

LeKaQuilt sa...

Den er kjempe fin!

Angelika sa...

A wonderful calender - great !
Greetings from Germany, Angelika

Sigrun sa...

Kalenderen din blei kjempefin. Godt jobba.