søndag, mars 17, 2013

X-block ruler



One Friday some weeks ago Sølvi Alfnes challenged us to start using rulers we still hadn’t used. I decided to use my X-block ruler. I watched some videos on YouToube so I knew how to use it. I picked out some maritime fabrics from my stash and started. I was a bit scared but after a while I felt quite comfortable in using it. These placemats were the result of my first attemt. Spisebrikker med X blocks linjalen

I was quite happy with them I twisted the blocks and put them together in different ways. Here are four of them.


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Barbara sa...

Your post on the x-block ruler reminds me that I also have one, but never used it up to now. So I'll going to look for tutorials now. Your newest placemats you made are very nice. They also have a good size from what I can see of the breakfast table.
Happy Easter!