søndag, mars 17, 2013

My last works


The red and white one was started during the Christmas holiday. XX-B503972B-1319488-1280-100I found a pattern on the internet and decided to make it. I picked out the fabrics and everything else I needed for sewing this during our holiday. It was easy to make but when I was nearly done I didn’t have a fabric for the frame. Luckily I was helped by a quilting friend in my neighbourhood. So I finished it but didn’t had the curriage to machine quilt it at once. Some weeks ago I got the spirit and it was very quickly done.


The first picture showing the start. The next one is showing the finished quilt and the third picture is showing the machine quilting, close up to.

Rødt og hvitt veggteppe 2Rødt og hvitt veggteppe, detalj av quiltingen

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