torsdag, mars 15, 2012

Bergen and the annual meeting in the NQF

Each year the NQF has their annual meeting in different places in Norway. This year we meet in Bergen in the western part of the country. I went by train this time because the conditions for crossing the mountains by car at this time of the year can be a dangerous drive and it takes a lot of time. It is easier and much more relaxing to go by train. I read, talked with a nice woman in the seat next to me, had  lunch, coffee, listen to music and enjoyed the travel.

I stay at the Radisson Blue Hotel in the very city centre. It is where the exhibitions, the classes, the annual meeting and everything else are going on. I am really excited for the rest of this weekend. I have already packed out my stuff with quilting gears, cutting mats, rulers and things like that. This is my room at the hotel.

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Anne sa...

Herlig Elisabeth!

Skulle ønske jeg skulle vært med over og vært romkamerat med deg, men ikke denne gangen heller!

Vi får ta det en annen gang :)

Kos deg masse :)
Klem fra Anne