tirsdag, mai 25, 2010


Since last time I wrote I have been on a week's holiday to Egypt and Sharm el Sheik with my husband. We wanted to feel the warmth and leave the snow behind us. One Saturday we sat watching TV and south. We landed on an offer to Egypt and I went immediately to the internet and bought a week there 2 weeks later. Actually we have been there before so we knew the place.

Our room boy did wonderful things with our towels every day we returned from our day on the beach. The red spots you can see on all the pictures are leaves from the Hibiscus plant that growed all around. He was a real artist. He also used the remote control in the gap of the crocodile.

We had a wonderful time there with snorkling in the sea and looking at fishes in all colours. It feels like snorkling in an aquarium. I love it and cannot have enough of it. There are also beautiful corals there. Unfortunately I do not have a camera that goes under water so I cannot show you all the colourful fishes. The photo shows me and my husband an evening out with two sisters we met in the hotel. We enjoyed their company and had dinner with them several times.

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