tirsdag, mai 25, 2010

17. mai

For the first time our little granddaughter was attending the childrens parade in Oslo. Therefore we had to go there to see her. The 17. of May is the national day here in Norway and people dress in their finest cloth. More and more people wears their National Costume (bunad). There are different National Costumes from different places in the country. Mine is from the county of Telemark, eastern part. My granddaughter Helene, was wearing a childrens costume from Hardanger, embroidered with pearls.
When we were standing there watching, my husband suddenly saw my brother standing only 10 metres from us absolutely unaware of us being in Oslo.
 I went up to him and greeted him. His wife was of course also there so my husband took a photo of my sister-in-law and me both wearing our National Costumes. After the parade we were just walking around in the city centre of Oslo to watch the people. It is so nice to see all people dressed in their different costumes. Many people also wear what we call "fantasy" costumes. They are often very look-a-like the National Costumes. Martin, Helenes brother of nearly 5 years wore his "fantasy" costume.
 Afterwards we took the train back to our Drammen. We had to prepare some food to bring with us when we later on were going to a friend to spend the rest of the day with many old friends. It is a tradition we have had for almost 30 years. We are never very late but rather tired after that day. There are so much walking :-).

2 kommentarer:

Anne-Grethe sa...

Flotte innbyggere av Norge i staselige bunader. Søte barnebarn du har! I Tromsø var det varmerekord på årets nasjonaldag, så de med bunader hadde det varmt og godt...

Sigrun sa...

Så flotte dere er i bunader. Jeg har også øst-telemark. Den Helene har er det et gamlt arvestykke eller har du sydd den til henne? Jeg synes det er så flott å se unger i ekte bunader.