mandag, juni 29, 2009

Weekend in Kragerø

The second weekend in June I went to Kragerø for a weekend with some of my quilting friends. I took a class with André Wallenberg where we made handbags with many smart details. We were at Anne Berits's Broderibua in Kragerø where she has a lovely place close to the sea.

It was a nice and sunny weekend but a bit windy and quite cold. Neiter of us had taken enough warm cloths with us. André Wallenberg, on the photo to the left, tought us how to make beautiful handbags with many smart details. One evening we were served a delicious fishsoup made by Anne Berit and fresh scrimps. The food were overall good during the weekend and the hospitaliy and kindness we met there were very nice.
My friends and I hired a small camping hut which had a shower. The others who hired a camping hut had no bathroom facilities at all but had to go to the public one. We had lots of fun during the weekend and drank a lot of wine as most women do when they are on a break like this.

There were other classes there as well and I would have liked to attended them all. Here you see a few examples from each class taken before we all left.

The last photos shows all the bags from my class lined up when we had finished.

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Merete sa...

Takk for en hyggelig helg vi hadde sammen i Kragerø, arig å se bilder:-)