fredag, mars 26, 2010

Easter holiday

I am in Hemsedal at the moment. I have already been here for a week. The weather has  not been the best. We have skied twice the last week. The last two days it has rained most of the time. Yesterday I started on my new project, a bag from a pattern by Nortern Quilts. Wenche has designed a pattern called "Gullbukseveske" inspired of the Norwegian Curling Team in the Olympic Games in Vancouver in February. I liked it very much and when the I saw the pattern I decided to make the bag.

Before we left home I picked out the fabrics I would use from my stash and try to take with me everything I would need for making the bag. I have done much as you can see from these photoes but now it is stop. I need two zippers and a tiny batting for the lining. I will make some inner pockets and there are also meant to be a zipper on the top of it. I have come so far:

The rest has to wait until I can get what I need to finish it.

3 kommentarer:

Barbara sa...

I've been reading your nice blog for a while but never left a comment. But now I want to say a little hello. I'm interested to see the final result of your new bag, as I like the colours you chose for it (and the way you arranged the fabrics).

Sigrun sa...

Gleder meg til å se veska ferdig!

Anne-Grethe sa...

Flotte farger til gullbukseveska. Har også printa ut mønsteret, men må gjøre ferdig noe annet først.