lørdag, januar 16, 2010

Sewing on a Saturday

Today I have made a purse for the cup I am taking with me to quilt meetings. I bought the kit almost 2 years ago when NorskQuilteforbund celebrated their 20 years anniversary. I have taken it from the cupboard several times to start sewing it, but have always put it back again. The last days it has been standing in front of my sewing machine to remind me of what I had to do next. Here is the result:

4 kommentarer:

Merete sa...

Flott pose, blir koselig å ha med seg denne på tur.

Miranne sa...

Så fin den blei. Kanskje skal eg også gjere ferdig min snart :o)

Marit E.H. sa...

Den ble fin. Nå ble jeg inspirert til å gjøre min ferdig!
Hyggelig blogg du har!

Anonym sa...

I've been a "silent" reader here up to now, but since I've started a blog too, I want to say a little hello. I see, you also like (among other things) skiing, a sport I am practising since childhood.
Greetings from Switzerland,