mandag, mai 18, 2009

Holiday in Rhodos

My husband and I have been to holiday in Rhodos for two weeks now. It was the third time we went there. First time was nearly 33 years ago and the second time was about 10 years ago. We have seen an enormous development on the Greek island during this time.

The first week was mixed, rather cold and wet. It rained when the plane arrived and the next day was not very sunny either. I think it was sunny only twice. We also had two days with rain. Then we went by the local bus to a very charming village named Lindos.

All the houses have to be painted white. On the top of the hill an ancient castle is situated. It rained all day and the next day as well but not as bad as the day before. After the first week the weather stabilized and it became warmer although it was blowing much. We spent most of the time at the pool but sometimes we did other things, like taking a boat trip to Marmaris in Turkey. It was terribly hot there so we had to stay in the shadow. Everything were much cheaper than we are used to, both from Rhodos and of course Norway. We had supper in the Old Town in Rhodos before we went by the local bus back to our hotel in Ixia. The Old Town in Rhodos is very charming.

We often went to Rhodos City and the Old Town in the evenings to have a meal. We both like the greek cuisine very much but every restaurants had the same courses on the meny. The wine was not very good but one gets used to it. The day before we went home we went by boat to Lindos again to see how different the village was when it was sunny. It was much people there compared to the first day we were there in the heavy rain. The difference was big. We did a lot of walking while staying in Rhodos. The greeks are very nice and very proud of their beautiful island. We stayed in a very luxery hotel. The photo here shows a bit of the pool area.

Twice we went to a restaurant in Ialyssos, La Bonita which was owned by a greek who lived in Rhodos in the summertime and in Sweden during the winter. He served much fish that were delicious but very expensive. The restaurant was very special. Take a look at the picture to the right. There were fishes, shellfishes and small boats everywhere. Charming but a bit overloaded, I think.

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