søndag, februar 15, 2009

Winter holiday

It is winter holiday in Norway, at least in some parts. I have always gone up to the mountains for the winter holiday and this year is no exception. I love the mountains in the wintertime. We came here on Friday and I intend to spent nearly two weeks here. I have my sewing machine with me and a big project to finish so I will not run out of work. I also intend to go skiing as much as possible. It is also one of my favourite hobbies. Now I can combine the two hobbies.

Unfortunately, I got a bad cold during last week. It started out very slow. On Saturday I felt it was not good for me to go for a long trip, mainly because it was very cold outside but also because I felt there was something wrong in my chest. So we only went for a very short, slow trip.

This morning I woke up and could not speak at all. My husband was happy, and I actually was too. We lit the fireplace from the very morning and I enjoyed it. I could devote myself to my second favourite hobby, quilting. Last year I bought 12 blocks from a serie called Patchwork Party Summer 2008. There are 12 different blocks with patterns and fabrics from 12 different shops and you had to purchase them before a certain date.

I have sewn all the 12 blocks but have not finished the quilt yet. I bought the finishing kit from one of the shops that offered a finishing kit and now I have to sew it all together.

When the blocks were finished I had to start here:

I cut strips and and cut them into smaller strips and squares and pieced them together. I also have remedies to keep my bad cold on a reasonably level although it lives its own life in my body. I cut all what was needed to finish the quilt and now I have started to sew it all together. I really am looking forward to finish it. Then I will send it away for machine quilting.

My sewing machine is cooperating and everything goes smoothly.
I made some flying geese blocks today in a way I have never done before. Look at the photo here:

I am sure that many of you have
made flying geese like that.
I will continue tomorrow because I do not think my cold is any better then. I am not looking forward to the night but I am really looking forward to continue my sewing tomorrow. I guess there will take some time until I can go skiing again in the speed I want to and am used to.

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Sigrun sa...

Du har reist på hytta skjønner jeg. Også har du blitt forkjøla, nytter ikke å rømme til fjellls å tro at man unngår det....-)). Godt at du har med deg symaskina, slik at du har noe å holde på med til du blir bedre. Vi snakkes, her er det også mye sykdom.