mandag, januar 19, 2009

It's snowing!

This weekend it has come a lot of snow, nearly 40 cm, I think. This is was met our eyes when we got up this morning. I took this photo from the livingroom and out on the terrace.

The snowploughs were not to be seen yesterday. So also today. I was out in my car this morning and the traffic went very slow and it was slippery everywhere.

The driving conditions are terribly and the situation for the pedestrians are even worse. It isn't possible to go on the pavements because they are covered with heavy snow.

My latest work:
Yesterday I was sewing all day long. I try to finish this quilt. The only thing that is left at the moment is the borders. Since the quilt is made by hand by paper piecing, I have to sew the borders on to the sides of the quilt by hand as well. Yesterday I sewed the two longest borders to the quilt. Today I will do the shorter ones.

3 kommentarer:

Gunn Torild sa...

Så lekkert!!

Tonje sa...

Oj oj oj... ja det må jeg si... for et fantastisk teppe. Og for en jobb det må ha vært å sy alt det for hånd!

Sigrun sa...

Noe så flott også helt håndsydd, jeg er kjempeimponert! Lekkert.