tirsdag, november 13, 2012


This weekend I have participated in a class where we learned Meshwork. It is a braid technique where we braided different panels that can be used for different purposes. The teacher was Brita Rundgren, a very clever and patient woman. At first the technique seemed very simple but as the day went forward it was not as easy as it seemed at first. However, the first panel we made was very simple but that was only a warm up. the next was a bit harder and the third one was difficult. So now I have to do many new attempts trying to really understand how to do it and get it in my fingers.

Here are my panels. I also made a toilet bag for my little granddaughter. ToalettveskeLater I will make a small cosmetic purse for her as well.


3 kommentarer:

Gudveig HN sa...

Kjempefine flettemønster!

PJs Lapperier sa...

Så fint!

Barbara sa...

I like all the patterns you made, but most of all the last lilac one. I wonder how this techniques goes. Did you have a special template or tool?
The little purse is very nice. I'm sure your grandaughter will like it very much.